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Marco Kohns

Co-Founder & Growth Marketer

Passionate about digital marketing, entrepreneurship and tech, Marco follows a purpose to maximise positive impact through innovation and cutting-edge technology. Thus, actively creating an even better future for everyone.

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Web Summit 2021

The ultimate purpose should be to leave a footprint in helping to make the world a better place. And Web Summit made it pretty clear to me once again:
Tech and Innovation are the ways to get there!

Step by step along my journey I am learning how corporate structures work, how people and consumers behave, what the most promising marketing tactics are and for me most importantly:
That combined with innovation and tech we as marketeers can add real value to companies and therefore people’s lives.

Let’s contribute to a technically advanced, morally thriving marketing world where people follow a person or a company because they feel inspired instead of being manipulated through sketchy marketing tactics or greenwashing.

Passion for....


Looking at data as a positive change-maker towards a more sustainable, social and better educated world for everyone.
Thus, using data to create efficiency & positive change.


Marketing in a democratised web as a leverage to influence users towards socially responsible and sustainable consumer behaviour.


Maximising positive impact through tech, innovation & effective altruism.
Spending at least 1% of my monthly income to the world's most effective charities through Giving What We Can.

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